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Planners Weigh Problems Of Automobile

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f ' , 11 v The question of accommodating either automobiles or people is presently before the Ann Arbor City Planning Commission as it begins evaluating the "Guide for Change." Commission member Ronald Edmonds submitted the recommendation that "decisions regarding the future use of private motor vehicles in Ann Arbor should proceed from the following assumptions ; the mptor vehicle is the chief pollutant and physical irritant for those who live and work in the inner city." The present situation, according to Edmonds, represents the last opportunity to effect motor vehicle management in a setting that does not threaten the absolute disruption of inner city life. Three poliey decisions were suggestedby Edmonds t o inform the community of future motor vehicle relief: - Future private use of more than one family car must be severely curtailed. Future community investmcnt in expanding roads and parking should be severely curtailed. -Public transportation must receive whatever community support is necessary to substitute public transport for a large proportion of private transport. Several commissioners then voiced their opinions on the recommendations. "We would be designing Ann Arbor for cars instead of offering options for various age and economie groups," stated one member. The impossibility of limiting citizens private property (cars) was interjected by David Byrd, commission member. He feit that parking outside the fringe of the city would be another solution. He also said that eventually Ann Arbor's central business district would expand into theNorth Central area, although its protection has becomc a social issue. O t h e r comments included were "should Ann A r b o r expand or revitalize its old areas" and the question of how much leadership the commission should exercise if it is not completely backed by the community? The commission will hold open meetings to discuss the "Guide for Change" at 12 noon Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the City Planning office at City Hall. ■ - - - - - -