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Planners Want To Encourage Townhouses

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A gfípósed aá?endment to the R4 I tiple-family) portion of Ann Arbor's zoning ordinance, aimed at encouraging more townhouse developments, was discussed at a working session of the Planning Commission last night. The proposed amendment, developed by the Planning Department staff, would permit R3 (townhouse) construction on sites with a minimum of 7,900 square feet. Existing requirements limit townhouse construction to sites of at least 10 acres. An acre is 43,000 square feet. Planning Commission Chairman Mrs. Eunice L. Burns said today, "The intent is to make it possible to have townhouses in the central city, and easier to have them throughout the city. This intent is something the commission is very much for." She added that at least one more working session for discussion of the proposal is needed. A public hearing would also take place prior to a vote by the commission on the R3 proposal.