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Additional Aspirants For Party Delegate Posts Given

Additional Aspirants For Party Delegate Posts Given image Additional Aspirants For Party Delegate Posts Given image
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Ward One, Precinct 2 (seven - No candidates filed. Ward Two, Precinct 1 (two)- Hugh Lawrence Jr. Ward Two, Precinct 2 (four)- Ann Hubbell and Paul E. Hub bell. Ward Three Precinct (three) - Ronkeith Adkins, Ed ward Daniels and Henry S. Ma srn. War ' Three, Precinct 2 (five - Ray J. Bandlow, Timothy J Dyer, "irguerite Eaglin, Vanzetti II. Hamilton, J. Theodore Hefley, Charles E. Helppie, Dorothy F. Karson, Mary F. McCarthy and James R. Walter. Ward Four (four) - Margaret A. Kuebler, Robert P. Kuebler and Virginia Moore. Ward Five (three) - Frederïck L. Densel, Layton Stoddard and Mildred E. Stoddard. Arm Arbor Township Precinc 1 (four) - Anna B. Brown, Fan nie G. Haber, Richard L. Ma vin and Eugene B. Power. Ann Arbor Township Precinc 2 (three) - Joy H. Bartell James A. Jones, Bruce W. Neal Mary S. Palmer, Lisa G. Port man and Donna Zajonc. Augusta Township Precinct 1 (four) - Emil Alpha, S t e v e Bobicz, Joe Catherine Hardwick and C. Archie Moore. Augusta Township Precinct 2 (five) - Clarence W. Barbour Beatrice Z. Blair, Johnnie a' Blair, Sylvester J. Blaszak and Aloysius P. Minick. Bridgewater Township (two) -Travis G. Barnes and Mae iardenbergh. Dexter Township (three)- Leo Hoey, Glenn Seleska and Rocco ■ Ventrella. I- IWB1W ■■ Freedom Township (two)- No candidates filed. Lima Township (three) - George Cantrell, Alex Mshar and Wallace Wood. Lodi Township (three) - No acndidates filed. Manchester Township Pre cinct 1 (two) and Precinct 2 (three) - No candidates filed. 1 Northfield Township (seven)l - Mary Ellen KeUey, Peter S.l Kelley, Arliene S. Nelson andl Oren F. Nelson. Pittsfield Township Precinct il five) - Harry F. Gollobl Waurine M. Gollob, Clara G.I Richardson, Wyman Richard-I on, Barbara S. Stevens and F I Bradley Stevens. Pittsfield Township Precinct 2I four) - Nancy R. Goff, Bea-I nee S. Henshaw and Hugh E.l enshaw. Salem Township (three) -I Ethel C. Brown, W a 1 1 e r Al Brown and Joseph J. Vargo. ! Saline Township (tvvo) - Nd - .. ï candidates filed. Scio Township P r e c i et 1 (five) - Augustiñe Aiaru, Daniel J. Dahmen and U.anley M. Kurtz. Scio Township Precinct 2 (four) - Gerald W. Brewer, Lois D. Disney, Peggy L. Ericson and William A. Ericson. Scio Township Precinct 3 (two) - Ergun Ar, Ronald G. Havelock and Kenneth Heininger. Sharon Township (two) - No candidates filed. Superior Township Precinct 1 (six) - Roy W. Clark, William Papineau and Gerald C. Wolf. Superior Township Precinct 2 (three) - William Grapp Jr. Sylvan Township Precinct 1 (five) - Mary K. Weber. Sylvan Township Precinct 2 (four) - Louis e Donaldson, Gwen LaGoe and James E. LaGoe. Webster Township (thfee) - No candidates filed. York Township (four)- Donald ï and Randall R. Karr. 1 Ypsilanti Township Precinct 1 ;three) - No candidates filed. ' Precinct 2 (four) - Gerald . Fúgate and Troy A. Sheplerd. ( Precinct 3 (four) - No candidates filed. ] Precinct 4 (six) - No dates filed. Precinct 4 (six) - No ' dates filed. Precinct 5 (three) - No can-j didates filed. Precinct 6 (four) - No can-l didates filed. Precinct 7 (three) - No can-l didates filed. Precinct 8 (six) - Beverly J.l Gray and Charles F. Gray. Precinct 9 (six) - Lillian Buckholts, James M. Cregar.fl áary L. Randolph and Mabel furrier. Precinct 10 (íour)- Wiber H. 3aggett. Precinct 11 (six) - No candiiates filed. Precinct 12 (three) - No caniidates filed. Precinct 13 (two) - Esther L. Dunnigan, Harold Dunnigan and Joseph E. Wojtowicz. Precinct 14 (two) - Gary B. O'Donnell.