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Benedek: Trying To Minimize The Scars

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m-'cc. o'tey? Js, (Continued from page -?K-s Children are ordinarily not present at the hearing. Benedek fears it would be an experience they would remember all their lives. "Divorce is tough enough on children. We are trying to minimize their scars," he said. Social workers have private sessions with the children. If the child feels a preference for one parent, he is not forced to choose in front of both parents. When it comes to making the decisión that affects people's lives so intimately, Benedek gives his formula. "There are usually no trick questions involved. I keep the ten factors in mind while the attorneys ask the questions. If they do not supply me with suffïcient information, then PU ask questions." As a man who cares about parents and children, yet has control over such an important decisión in their lives, Benedek was asked if he feared making a mistake. "Nothing is more difficult than a custody suit," he - - - - ■ replied, admming each case ís'án emotionál drain. "I cali each one by what I see. I try to be honest and I impartial, using all my training, ability and energy. That's all anybody on God's earth can do." "It's one heil of a decisión." aHa