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Number In Error On Drug Arrests

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f - Pólice Chief Walter E. Krasny said today an inadvertent transposing of figures by a departmental statistician resulted in an error on a report on narcotics prosecutions in Ann Arbor. In a story in yesterday's editions of The Ann Arbor News it was reported that of 212 arrests for narcotics made by pólice in 1969, there had been 43 prosecutions. Chief Krasny said the 212 arrest figure was a total from three different years and that actually the 43 prosecutions represents a "very good" percentage of the number of arrests made. He said there were 95 arrests in 1969 for which there was insufficient evidence to request a warrant from the prosecutor's office. Prosecuting Attorney William F. Delhey said his files show that there were only two requests for narcotics warrants turned down by his office in 1969. His office does not tabulate from which pofice agencyj specific requests for warrants come, he said. "Our department has always worked very closely with Prosecutor Delhey in all criminal matters and it certainly wasn't our intent to show any lack of cooperation," Chief Krasny said. "It was a figure error which we certainly regret." He also pointed out that in many instances a person who is arrested for breaking and entering or another major crime has a narcotic in his II possession. In such a case the I "best charge" is filed against I him and he goes to court on the I breaking and entering. The 1 cotics possession count usuallyl is never brought in this type of I case as the person, if found I guilty of the felony, is sent tol prison, he said.