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Esch Sponsors Drug Bill

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CongrCTsman Marvin L. Esch, R-Ann Arbor, is co-sponsoring a bilí that would shut off aid to any country that fails to do its share in stemming the flow of narcotics irom that country to the U.S. Under the provisions of the bill, the President is authorized to suspend economie or military assistance under the Foreignl Air programs to any country "which fails to take appropriate steps to prevent narcotic drugs produced or processed in that country from entering the United States unlawfully." The President, Esch said, also would be authorized to provide assistance in controlling unlawful narcotic production to countries which require such sistance. Said Esch, "Legislation along these lines is long overdue. Although our government has been atempting for many years to persuade foreign governments to curb the illegal growing of opium poppies and the production of harion, morphine and cocaine, these drugs continue to flow in the U.S. in ever - increasing amounts. Addiction and addiction-related crimes are among our most serious problems." "Obviously, no one step . will solve this scourge on our nation. Other steps have been taken, still others are needed. "Several months ago I introduced a bilí that emphasizes education of young people in thel dangers of narcotics. If this goal can be achieved it would be perhaps the most significant advance of all. I also have advocated stiffer penalties for pushers who are not addicted themselves but cruelly seek a profit off the misery of others." Esch added, "I am ver y pleased that Attorney General John Mitchell has moved with such great vigor in ferretting out and arresting ranking personnelj in the syndicates that import drugs illegally and peddle them to susceptible Americans. "The pressureis building against the venal narcotics trade. I propose to do all I can to see that that pressure con-l tinues and increases," Eschl said.