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List Of Drug Suspects

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Following is a lisTsupplifed by federal authorities of those persons arrested on drug charges here during the last two days. Michael Bailey, 28, of 1915 Walton Blvd., Rochester, Michigan, and his brother Edward Bailey, 31, of the same address. Gary Churchill, 27, of 512 Church St., Ann Arbor. Joseph Cyberski, 25, of 2018 Traver St., Ann Arbor. James Fraga, 24, of 512 Church St., Ann Arbor. Gary Gabriel, 24, of 23708 Petersburg St., E. Detroit. Samuel Hampton, 30, of 804 Gott St., Ann Arbor. Austin Iglehart, 24, of 7130 Platt St., Ann Arbor. Saad Kakos, 20, of 24721 Church St., Oak Park, Michigan. Randall Koebel, 25, of 137 Taft St., Fremont, Ohio. Dale Katapol, 26, of 821 Sylvan St., Ann Arbor and his brother Peter ftatapoi, 21 of the same address. Riek Lasiter, 23, no known address: Peter Loff, 31, 48420 Dentón Rd., Belleville, Michigan. James Moscara, 25, of 2530 S. Main St., Ann Arbor . James McNeill, 28, no known address. John Pena, 31, of 1666 Broadway Ann Arbor. Richard Salyer, 27, of 2221 Dexter Rd., Ann Arbor. Artie Tomlin, 25, of 1141 Lathers St., Ypsilanti and Diane Hatch, 24, of the same address. Randy Weills, 23, of 1666 Broadway, Ann Arbor and his two sisters Beth Weills, 19, and Debbie Weills, 23, all of the same address. Charles R. Wyphe, 25, of 533 borough, Detroit. Joseph Bruton, 25, of 6367 Strawberry Lake Rd., Hamburg. Terry Cooley, 20, of 507 N. Main St., Walbridge, Ohio. Albert M. Dailey, 22, of East Route 2, Curtis, Ohio. Donald Van Tress of 6367 Strawbery LakeRd., Hamburg. Beverly Dearing, 23, 2025 Huron Parkway, Ann Arbor. Larry Crockett, 32, no known address. Thomas Bailey, 31, no known address. - Bruce Webster, 18, of Toledo, Ohio and five unidentified defendants.