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School Board Meeting Briefs

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ófu7W. Seott Westerman Jr. told the Board o Education meeting last mght fhat although the $385,000 cut in state aid ior the Ann Arbor School District was not yet official, "we are now treating all expense requests carefully." According to the superintendent the contingency fund would be preserved so additionalfunds w o ui d have to come írom other áreas. He said that he w o ui d report more information to the board at the next meeting. In a letter to the board, the Northside PTO opposed the contente of the hot lunch questionnaire recently sent home with youngsters in the püot schools. "We feel that as the proposal stands now that ït is doomed to iailure." The letter stated the number of children allowed to partake is severely limited and I it seemed clear that the more children allowed to eat lunch at school, the more financially successful the program I would be. , . ... The program was also I cized íor not providing a I duced price lunch for those I in families whose incomes I are above poverty guidelines I "We f e e 1 the number ot I families willing to P ay 45 cents will be small, thus causing the program to feed the poor almost exclusively and pinpointing the poor, as iederal guidelines instruct schools not to do," the letter Saíwas also feit that the price oL the lunch was set too high and other districts charge c 1 o s e r to 35 cents which would allow more children to particípate in the pro■-iriilll mg