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More Teachers May Be Rehired

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The Ann Arbor Board of Education last night approved the resignations of 19 and leaves of absence for 11 professional staff members. School Supt. W. Scott Westérman also told the board that the administration had predicted a total of 80 resignations by this time and so far there is an estimated 120. "We now have some freedom not anticipated to extend invitations to more of the probationary staff that were sent termination notices," said Westerman. Resignations: Ms. Susan Bartels, Mrs. Terry Brown, Mrs. Mattie Dennis, Mrs. Phyllis Havel, Alice Hach, Mrs. Carol Hardy, Mrs. Sharon Hullman, Mrs. Carol Jensen, Mrs. Ruth Krammler, Mrs. Anita Macklin, Mrs. Margit Cleary Maynard, Mrs. Debra Pope, Mrs. Deborah Stokes, Lyla Strauch, Mrs. Andrea Smith, Mrs. Patricia Robison, Mrs. Ann Templeton, Mrs. Sharon Watkins, and Kent Woodbury. Leaves of absence without pay: Mrs. Mary Hall, David Harrell, Ann Morrison, Mrs. Josephine Mann, Mrs. Carolyn Tarzia and Mrs. Friedelle Winans. Maternity leaves of absence: Mrs. JoAnn Joyce, Mrs. Mary Lee, Mrs. Ethel Polsdofer, Mrs. Donna Wares and Mrs. Mary Wolfe. Members of the Black Liberation School staff requested permission to use the facilities of Northside school this summer without paying rent. According to the present board policy, rent must be paid for all "non-school" programs. But, the liberation school staff said, "Since we are serving the Northside community we should be entitled free use of the school." They also said they will be serving children not included in the Black Summer School because of its limited resources. Board President Harold Lockett informed the group that the board would reach a decision on this matter following the regular meeting and tell the Liberation School staff before next week. The school is scheduled to begin its classes Monday. Several parents and teachers told the board that "it was their consensus that physical education should be an elective in the 9th grade." The Forsythe Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) also presented a proposal to the board to reconsider this requirement because "the interests of students were being sacrificed for the expedience of scheduling." North Campus parents urged the board last night to keep ' negotiations open between them and the University of Michigan in regard to receiving financial aid to construct permanent facilities for students living in that area. Marcia Federbush suggested that the board provide busing for students from low income housing. "It is inhumane for the board to not at least give some assistance to these students" she said. She also suggested a shuttle service for high school students. Another recommendation by Mrs. Federbush was a summer workshop for "turned off" students to view their criticisms of the present system. The Cooperative Occupational Education program was extended through the 1971-72 school year by the board last night, and approval was also given the Special Education Summer program for this summer. Clifford Bryant and Mikkel Thomsen were recognized by the board for serving "our school system with great loyalty and distinction." Both are retiring from active service as custodians for the schools.