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A second parent-teacher organization in the Ann Arbor Public Schools has begun a petition drive to protest the transfer of its school principal. The Burns Park PTO, in a statement released today. said it objects to the "criteria of judgment, the timing of the decisión and the manner of presentation" of last Wednesday's announcement that Marion Cranmore would be transferred this fall to Allen School. Eight other principals also were transferred. Miss Cranmore has been principal at Burns Park since January of 1953. A similar petition drive was launched Friday by the Haisley School PTO protesting the transfer of Louise Ritsema to Lawton School. Miss Ritsema has been principal at Haisley for 18 years. Rev. Richard Preis, president of the Burns Park PTO, charged that Miss Cranmore "had no inkling of this transfer before she was called into the superintendent's office on Wednesday. Aug. 18, and told that she would be transferred immediately. There had been no previous discussion with Miss Cranmore about the possibility of such a transfer." The public announcement of the transfers was made that same morning. The Haisley parents also are angry that Miss Ritsema was given no advance notice of the transfer because she was out of town vacationing Wednesday morning. She read of her transfer in the paper. Members of both PTOs also are upset at the timing of the transfers. All of the principals have spent the summer preparing for the opening of the schools they expected to head this fall. Rev. Preis said many parents from Burns Park have contacted PTO officers "expressing their concern over the transfer and the manner in which it was executed." He also said a statement has been sent to School Supt. R. Bruce McPherson saying the Burns Parks PTO understands the superintendent' s "position and reasoning. I However, we cannot agree on the decision of the transfer of Marion Cranmore." Rev Preis says petitions protesting Miss Cranmore's removal and requesting her immediate re-instatement at Burns Park are now being circulated. The petitions will be presented at Tuesday's Board of Eduction meeting, and "we shall be present... to express our opinion," Rev. Preis said.