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Schools To Plan Drug Education Drive

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A recommendation of the Blue Ribbon Committee on Problems of Drug Abuse that the Ann Arbor Board of Education develop a drug education program was approved by the board last night. "I want the board to go on record as accepting the charge of the Blue Ribbon Committee," said Trustee Ronald Bishop. It did. The board was urged to develop innovative drug education programs appropriate for children in kindergarten through 12th grade, and to budget money to underwrite the cost of a drug education program. The committee urged parent-teacher groups and others to address themselves to drug education and to make independent efforts in cooperation with the schools. School Supt. R. Bruce McPherson was then directed by the board to make specific recommendations for a program within the schools. According to McPherson, the administration will begin working with city officials to receive funding for the program, "We will be seeking money collectively." __- , Trustee Henry Johnson voiced concern that counselors and other school staff members should be consulted for their ideas for the program. Plans for the drug education program are already in progress and McPherson reported that representatives from the board and administration had met twice already. In an earlier discussion, Trustee Bishop said the only reasonable approach to drug education and the drug problem is to "tell it like it is" and not involve any half-truths. Drug education should be added into existing courses - science, biology, chemistry, history and others, Bishop said. "Curriculum should be planned anadcoordinated so that students in kindergarten are warned against taking medicine except when it is given by a physician, nurse or parent. "As they can understand and assimilate more, the older students should have the topics listed above included. At this time of special need for drug education, specific short courses or seminars miht be included for the high school curricula and perhaps in the junior highs," he said.