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School Smoking Encouraged?

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Editor, The News: I should like to cali attention to an article in Friday's News entitled "White Parents, Pupils Make Suggestions, etc.," particularly to the last suggestion: "-A smoking lounge for all students and teachers during their free hour be made available." We taxpayers are being told constantly how crowded our schools are and how over-burdened our teachers. With classroom space at premium, should space be set aside for a "smoking lounge for all students and teachers"? In view of the fact that there is an active campaign to curb smoking everywhere (even ads on TV canceled), why should we encourage smoking among our school age "students"? It has always been my conviction that teachers should set an example for their students. How can young people have Kmfidence in adults when they are told ""6r the narm resultïng from smoking when their teachers indulge during school hours - what kind of an example is that? Don't they have more important duties to perform during any leisure time they might have? I taught school once and I would have been "fired" if the school board even suspected I might smoke, and we had no time for any activities except teaching. Think it over, school board officials.