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School Board Meeting Briefs

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Leonard Hughes, a representative of the Mack School Parent - Teacher Organization, last night gave the Board of Education a document containing the signatures of a number of Mack parents, supporting a letter given to the board Feb. 14. This letter urged that Mack School be renovated and enlarged in order to improve the facility and help maintain the racial balance of the school, o o Authorization to purchase nine new school buses for the 1968-69 school year was given last night to Director of Transportation Paul Linebaugh. Seven of the buses will be replacements of exhisting vehicles, at a cost of $56,250. The two additional buses, to accommodate the expected pupil enrollment increase, will cost $14,558. Linebaugh's request had been aired two weeks ago, but the trustees delayed action in order to be informed in more detail of implications of the purchase. The authorization was given unanimously after some discussion by several trustees on possible ways to economize on bus purchases. o o The annual financiar and status report on the federal grant programs in the Ann Arbor public schools was explained to the board members by Ivan L. Bare, coördinator of grant programs. Bare told the trustees that the average federal expenditure on each Ann Arbor pupil is $42. He said there are 17 federal grant programs presently being administered in the public schools al a total cost to the government of' $769,000. o o A request by the Recreation Department for financial assistance to help renovate the Burns Park barn for junior theater and senior citizens' activities was turned down last night upon the recommendation of the Doard's legal counsel. Rpscoe O. Bonisteel Jr., in a written legal opinión, said it is illegal to contribute funds for the capital improvement of a facility not owned by the board. (The barn is owned by the city of Ann Arbor). Vice President Robert E. Doerr suggested that Acting Supt. W. Scott Westerman Jr.: convey to the Recreation Department the continuing interest and support of the board, despite the fact that no financial support can be given. o o Roland Schwab,' an Ann Arbor High School senior class adviser, was appointed summer school principal at the high school for this year. O O I A gift of $175 from the Dix-I boro Parent - Teacher Organizatio to purchase a tuba for the sehool's instrumental music classes was approved by the board. A letter of thanks will be sent to the PTO. o o Au attempt by Trustee Joseph R. Julin to table the last portion of the agenda (items 9 to 15) because of the late hour - the regular meeting lasted until 12:30 a.m. - was defeated. All items of the agenda were covered. o o A report on the cost of equipping the Board of Education room for live radio broadcasts of the weekly meetings was delayed until next week. Trustee Joseph T. A. Lee requested that such a report be given two weeks ago. o o Westerman said that 1968-69 budget discussions will begin next week. o o All nine trustees attended the eight hours of briefing, regular and executive sessions.