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The Board of Edication approved "the recommendation of Supt. W. Scott Westerman Jr. to add another person to t h e professional teaching staff . o o Sabbatical leaves for the 196869 school year were approved last night for 16 school personnel. They are: Mrs. Lois brazevich, Bach, one semester; LeRoy Cappaert, Pattengill, full year; Dean Cole, Tappan, one semester; Glenn Dickerson, Forsythe, full year; Mrs. Claire Field, high school, one semester; Mrs. Barbara Inwood, Wines, one semester; Mrs. Genevieve Kainlauri, Abbot, full year; Mrs. Rose Marie Lane, Slauson, full year; David March, high school, one semester; E. A. (Jack) Morris, elementary music, full year; Joseph Roberts, public library, one semester; William Shepard, Slauson, one semester; Arthur Snyder, Forsythe, one semester; Mrs. Janice Swack, speech correction, one semester; Milo White, high school, Lull year. Westerman indicated that an additional $50,000, over and above $50,000 already set aside ifor sabbaticals, will have to be budgeted for the 16 leaves. I A series of slides, depicting Ithe history and development of the Ann Arbor Public Library, was shown to the trastees during the afternoon briefing session by Homer Chance, director of the libraries. o o Westerman said that a recommendation to employ a community information consultant for the school system would be forthcoming next week. The person or persons would be employed f rom April 22 to June 15, on a daily salary rate, to aid in conducting the spring and summer millage and bonding campaigns. o o The acceptance of bids for re-I novations of science rooms at I Slauson, Tappan and Forsythel Junior High Schools was de-l layed until next week, at the! request of Westerman, o o All nine trustees attended the! 4V2 hours of briefing, executivel and regular sessions last night. I