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13 Students In Fights To Take Examinations

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School Supt. W. Scoft Westertnan Jr. said today that the 13 ktudents involved in the fights at Unn Arbor High School last RVednesday, which caused the [school to be closed, will be alQowed to take their final examimations. The seniors involved will be permitted to gradúate. Excused absences will be given to some of the students and unexcused absences to others, depending upon the severity of their involvement. The students in question have been under suspension since the incidents occurred. Any further penalties which may be imposed on the students said. "Their absences will be re-' corded as excused or unexcused, depending upon the nature of the p u p i I's relationship to (last Wednesday's) events. Unexcused absences will range from onehalf day to 5 days. (An unexcused absence carries with it a grade penalty)." Westerman explained the pupils were involved on four different levéis : (1) "Those who incited confusión and conflict through inflammatory remarks or misinterpretation of facts." (2) "Those who attempted to intervene to help conflict from developing." (3) "Those who actually shoved or struck others." (4) "Those who were on the scène as curious onlookers or innocent bystanders." The superintendent said that the private hearings with the students and parents were nearly will be decided after conferring with the Board of Education's legal counsel, Roscoe O. Bonisteel Jr. Westerman said the board will receive a full report, prqbably next Wednesday, of the hearings with the students which have taken place and any further administrative recommendations. Three of the 13 students involved returned to school today, the superintendent reported. "All 13 students have experienced the penalty of being absent from school at a time which is crucial to the successful conclusión of the school y e a r," Westerman completed, although one or two additional students would probably be interviewed. The hearings began Monday. Ann Arbor High remained quiet today as the same contingent of pólice officers which has patrolled the building since Monday returned. Pólice Chief Walter E. Krasny indicated that the contingent of approximately 20 pólice officers would probably be reduced to-j morrow. Today is the last day of classes. Senior final examinations end today. Final tests for sophomores and juniors begin tomorrow.