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Police Reduced At High School

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The contingent of pólice offi-1 cers stationed at Ann Arbor High School since Monday was reduced by 50 per cent today. Pólice Chief Walter K. Krasny said five plainclothesmen and four policewomen remain in the] building today. Approximately 20 officers, including five or six uniformed guards, had patrolled the school all week. The uniformed guards are no longer present, though a scout car is patrolling the school grounds, Krasny said. The school is now operating "on a practically normal basis, and we are using only a minimum amount of manpower," Krasny said. The reduced contingent is expected to remain on duty through Tuesday, the final day of examinations for sophomores and juniors. Seniors finished their examinations yesterday. There have been no incidents at the school this week. The deployment of pólice officers resulted from racial unrest at the high school two weeks ago.