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Revised Duties For Officer At High School Aired

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A revised lob description limiting the pólice officer stationed at Ann Arbor High School to pólice business only was reviewed last night by the Board of Education. Terming the changes in the job description "significant," Supt. W. Scott Westerman Jr. said there are three main areas of change: (1) The officer will no longer enforce school rules or other regulations considered administrative fn character; (2) The officer will no longer be a counselor; (3) Specific rules have been laid down regarding the iquestioning of students suspect of a crime. One of the 21 demands of the black students at the high school last May 27 during the kwo weeks of racial tensions Iwas the removal of the pólice lofficer altogether. Sgt. Chester Carter had held the post since 1965. He was replaced last week by Officer Robert D. Robinson. Westerman said the new description had been reviewed and approved by Pioneer High Principal Theodore R. Rokicki, Huron High Principal Paul Meyers, Pólice Chief Walter E. Krasny, the city attorney's office, the böard's attorney and himself. New rules governing the questioning of a student suspected of a crime and other methods of operation are as follows: 1) Permission must be obtained by school officials, from a parent or guardián, for a law enforcement officer to question on school property a student, regardless of age, who is suspect of a crime. At least one school official must be present when the student is being questioned. 2) Permission must be obtained from the parent or guardián before a student is removed from the school premises. The only exception to this are cases of felony or misdemeanor committed in the presence of a law enforcement officer. In such cases, however, the school will inform the parents of the action, if possible, by telephone. 3) Pólice may remove from the school premises, upon request of the administration, any person disrupting order within the building or on the grounds. The revised duties and responsibilities of the policeman are: 1) Supervisión of the building and parking areas in operation with professional personnel. 2) Devise and implement new security measures for the building and campus. 3) Follow up on misdemeanors as called upon by the administrative staff, including such violations as thefts, assault, carrying knives and vandalism. 4) Check on unauthorized personnel in the building and on campus. 5) Issue tickets for violation of parking and driving regulations as posted by the city pólice. 6) Patrol the neighborhood of the school to prevent loitering, littering, parking and driving violations. 7) Inform the administra - tion of events and developments in the community which may affect student