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Schoolmen Pledge Aid In Bus Issue

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Ann Arbör Scñóot District officials, although not being able to help the city in the short-range bus problem, have agreed to see what can be done to aid in long-range solutions. School and city officials met yesterday afternoon to discuss the city's la test bus crisis to determine if any joint actions could ease the problems. Mayor Wendell E. Hulcher termed the meeting "helpful and cordial," stating the school officials "don't reject the problem like they did." He said the short-range problem - providing bus service for the coming semester - remains the same as it was before yesterday's meeting but said school officials expressed interest i n exploring "all possible avenues, including new arrangements, in the long-range." Ann Arbor's Transportation Authority met this afternoon to further discuss the problem. Attending the meeting was Ronald E. St. John of the St. John Transportation Co., whichj operates the local system. Authority members and the City Council have expressed serious concern that St. John has done nothing to aid in solving the problems of the local system. School and city officials reiterated this yesterday's meeting. School Board President Joseph R. Julin repeated yesterday that the board's budget is tight and has been set for this year, but said the board would look to what can be done in the future. He asked that Supt. W. Scott Westerman Jr. determine the cost to the school district of providing a broader school bus service. Westerman expressed concern about the effect a shutdown of school bus service provided by the city would have o n school opera t i ons next semester. He also said he is preparing answers to an 11question document sent to the board by Fourth Ward Councilman John R. Hathaway.