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'O ' A total of 40 resignations from the professional staff and five leaves of absence without pay were approved last night by the Ann Arbor Board of Education. One new teacher's hiring also was approved. o o A sign to be placed at the Stadium Blvd. side of the Pioneer High Building was shown last night to the trustees. The 7foot by 35-foot sign - which says "Pioneer" - is being constructed by the Pioneer Varsity Club and the Girls' Service League of Pioneer High. Debby Muse of the GSL explained construction of the sign to the trustees, o o Trustee Hazen J. Schumacher Jr. congratulated the junior high students from Tappan and Forsythe junior highs for their "sensational" showing two weeks ago at the National Academie Games Olympics in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. One of the teams was named national over-all champions. o o School Supt. W. Scott Westerman Jr. told the board he will recommend employing a consulting firm to look "intensively" at the business and finance operations of the Ann Arbor School District. o o Julie Wittes, a Pioneer High student and a representative of the school's Student Union, issued an invitation to the school board, superintendent and princip√°is of Pioneer and Huron Highs to meet with the group at a later date. The Student Union's goals for the educational system will be discussed. The date will be set later, Miss Wittes said. o - o The trustees authorized an ap- praisal of the Frains Lake School Building, which is owned by the Ann Arbor School District. Westerman told the board there is "serious consideration" to sell the building and property, and the appraisal would be a preparation for this move. j o o I Three gifts were accepted with thanks by the school board: $95 from the Eberwhite Par entTeacher Organization to be used for the purchase of an outdoor basketball unit; $250 worth of evergreen shrubbery from the Slauson Junior High PTO to be planted by the Slauson conservation classes, and an electric motor from the Burns Park PTO to be used in connection with the new screen in the school auditorium. This latter gift is valued at $250. o o Trustee Charles H. Good was the only trustee who did not attend the nearly 5 hours of briefing, regular and executive sessions last night.