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LeRoy Cappaert, principal oí Pattengill Elementary School, last night was appointed principal of the Ann Arbor summer school program by the Ann Arbor Board of Education. A sabbatical leave for the first semester of the 1969-70 school year for advanced study was approved for Herman Steinman, principal at Lakewood School, and for the second semester of 1969-70, also for advanced study, for Miss Florence Gasdick, principal at Dixboro School. I Five lea ves of absence (without pay) and 14 resignations of the professional staff also were approved. o o A resolution of appreciation for the "long and dedicated service" of Miss Emma Rekewitz to the Ann Arbor Public Schools was approved by the board. Miss Rekewitz, who has Iserved as secretary to three superintendents since May 23, 1949, is retiring today. Supt. W. Scott Westerman Jr.j praised her as an "amazing person" and said "she will be sorely missed." o o Trustee Paul H. Johnson ques-j tioned the re-scheduling of classes presently being conducted at all secondary schools. Hel said the implication is that if the millage fails June 9, Hurón High School will not open in the f all, and he criticized thel schools for "trying to influence the millage vote." Westerman answered that Huron High School definitely will open this f all. The reason for ithe re-scheduling, he said, is to be prepared to reduce the number of class periods on the ondary level by one if there must be budget adjustments. This is one budget cut suggested by the superintendent. He said he "regrets" the interpretation that Hurón High might not open, but said the re-scheduling must be done now before school is out in June, o o The school board accepted with thanks $500 from the Scarlett Junior High Student Council to be used for the Mary Scarlett Memorial Court yard. o o A request for $5,000 to finance a Life Long Learning Program for Ann Arbor senior citizens was tabled by the school board last night until June 18. It was the consensus of the trustees that no appropriations should be made until the outcome of the June 9 millage election is known. Westerman suggested that an assistant director of continuing education be hired instead of contributing the $5,000 to finance courses. This assistant director would help with the planning of the Life Long Learning Program. A list of textbook adoptions for the 1969-70 school year was approved. o o The Ann Arbor Public Schools' drug seminars, held May 12 and 13 and May 19 and 20, attracted 835 persons to the first session and 562 to the second session, it was announced last night. The Citizens' Committee which helped develop the program will evalúate the seminars Tuesday and will make recommendations for possible follow-ups, according to Dr. Sam M. Sniderman, assistant superintendent for instruction. o o The report from the school board's Special Citizens' Advissory Committee on Safety was officially accepted. A member of the audience urged the board toprovide transportaron or competent supervisión for the children attending Carpenter School who must walk along Packard Rd. to reach the building. The man called the área a "serious safety hazard," citing the absence of sidewalks and the heavy traffic flow. One of the recommendations of the Citizens' Committee is for the board to request "that the City Council and Pittsfield Township order walks and crossing protection along Packard." o o Business Manager G e o r g e Balas told the trustees he is getting prices on the installation of anti-pollution devices on all incinerators in the Ann Arbor School District. "It's all a matter of budget," he said. The Huron High School Student Council last week presented the board with a resolution requesting that all incinerators be shut down immediately or be installed with anti-pollution devices. o o Trustees Richard M. Wood and Joseph T. A. Lee did not attend last night's meeting.