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Diplomas Earned By 49 Adults

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Forty-nine local aatats have successfully completed the Ann Arbor School District's high school completion program and have received diplomas. C o m mencement ceremonies were held last night at the Ann Arbor Public Library. The main address was delivered by Congressman Marvin L. Esch, RAnn Arbor. Diplomas were presented by A n n Arbor School Board President Joseph R. Julin. This is the largest class to be graduated from the high school Iprogram which is operated by the Continuing Education Department of the Ann Arbor Public Schools. The first class of June, 1967, numbered eight persons. The graduates include Evelyn E. Alquire, Francés M. Ashworth, Michael J. Campbell, Charlotte Casagrand, Joyce G. Cluckey, Gordon D. Collins, Lela P. Crawford, Elli G. Eckhardt, Evelyn G. Foucher, Magdelena Herkhof, Isabel A. Herrera, Ardrella Jackson, Erika Jensen, Bobette M. Leavey, Linda L. Losse, Ivy V. Mack, Justice Marshall, Jacinta A. Martens, Karen A. McKenna and Michael R. Mildner. Others include Ronald A. Neargarder, Delores A. O'Keefe, Nancy A. Osmer, Hazel T. Parker, Janis E. Rogers, Joyce R. Ruppert, Ruth Sheneman, Luke J. Sharkey, Martha J. Shinault, Carol S. Snyder, Fay A. Stamm, Nancy E. Tar Jr., Helen B. Taylor, Richard H. Turk, Gail'L. Weaver, Michael W. Williamson and Joanne C. Foucher. Persons who received diplomas before the ceremonies last night are Dianne Bissett, Gary Cole, Theolia C. Johnston, (who was present for the event, however), Janice Mickles, Jimmie Morris, Judith A. Murphy, Darrel R. Osborn, Woodrow H. Ratliff, John D. Sherburne, Sandra Shutt, Justin Sprout, Lucille H. White. Esch told the graduates: "Your accomplishment shown here this evening is in the bestj tradition of the American dream.l Far too of ten, we take the ad-j vantages of an education forl granted. Your special efforts to receive an education are especially commendable because it took special time and wprk on your part" Esch noted. "I can think of no more im-ï portant goal for the nation thanl to provide all our citizens with an opportunity for an education commensurate with their interests and abilities." Continuing, Esch commented, "This program to continue educational 1 portunities into the adult yearsl is a fine example of meeting! that goal."