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3 Say Farewell To School Board

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"It bas been an etiucationaï six years and a very satisfying experience overall but I'm very happy to be leaving it." Ann Arbor Board of Education Trustee Hazen J. Schumacher Jr. summed up his six years on the school board last night in a farewell speech to his fellow trustees and audience members. Similar remarks also werei made by retiring president! Joseph R. Julin and Trustee William C. Godfrey. i Last night was the final 1 ing for the three men as 1 tees. At the board' s next II in" July 2, newly-elected 1 tees Ronald C. Bishop, Cecil W. Warner and Henry Johnson will be officially seated. Schumacher told the audience his first three years on the board -1963 to 1966- had been "mild" years. "Then the issues of race, religión, sex and money carne up," he remarked. Schumacher said there had been much "satisfaction" in his job as a trustee but said his "most edifying experience" in the past six years I was getting to know people in educational circles. He als o L praised the "luck" or "wisdom" lof the board in selecting W. Iscott Westerman Jr. as superI intendent of schools in March of l968. . . ,. Godfrey commented that nisi term on the board was a 1 ing experience" and an "enjoy-l able experience." He was first I elected in 1966. Often in the I minority during his term, 1 frey outlined the role of dissent II of a trustee, saying "debates" and "heated exchanges" are "grass r o o t s democracy at vork." He concluded it is essenlial to continue to have "dissentIng views represented" on the loard. I Julin, also elected to the board In 1966, said his term has made I L "tremendously tolerant" of I Elected officials. "I have also I leveloped a feeling of real debt I 1,5 my fellow board members," lulin declared. He concluded I Lat he was "pleased to leave" Be board, but he was also ■eased other people were willig to take up the job. I Westerman praised the outgoIng trustees for their "outstandIng services" to the educational feystem, and said they would be "sorely missed." Vice President Harold J. [Lockett made perhaps the most eloquent speech of the night, lauding Julin, Schumacher and Godfrey for their "monumentall contributions" to the workings of the school board. He said he has a "feeling of panic" when he thinks of the three men leaving, and told them the board would be "at sea" until it gets new "sea legs" because of thei departures.