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School Board Meeting Briefs

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I During the Questions, Comments and Petitions portion of [last night's Ann Arbor Board of Education meeting, Mrs. Robert Hendrix, chairman of Ann Arbor's Environmental Interpretive Program, urged the board to take immediate action on the group's proposal that the school board, city and University of Michigan vote funds to finance the hiring of a director and assistant director for an Environmental Interpretive Center. The funds have already been voted by the city. No action was taken by the board last night. o o Larry Clark, a member of the audience, put four questions to the trustees, including why black and white students on thej schools' Bi-Racial Committeesl sometimes meet separately I and whether a switch to thel middle school" concept in Annl Arbor would mean a need for a I fourth high school in the nearl future. tjciiool Supt. W. Scott Westerman Jr. said he was not aware of separate meetings among black and white pupils, and would check into the matter Regarding the "middle school" concept (children grouped accordmg to grades K-5 6-8 and 9-12, instead of the present K-6, 7-9, 10-12 grouping), Westerman agreed such a concept would have a "definite effect" on the need for a fourth high school more quickly. But he stressed the idea was only under study, and has not yet been recommended b y the admmistration. The Board of Education must have the final say on the issue, he said. O n I Five appointments to the Recreation Advisory Board were approved: Oett W. MarI ney for a three-year term Willis C. Patterson for a three year term; Judith T. Rieckeri for a two-year term; Jane Manís for a one-year term, and 'LeRoy W. Watts for a three-l year term. All terms arel retroactïve to Dec. 31, 1969 1 Trustee Ted Heusel was thel only trustee to vote against the appointments, charging some of them were "politically motivated."