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Board Weighs Study Changes

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■ í"l' VA - ' j t 1 ( U Some 53 tentative proposals to improve the I academie program of the Ann Arbor Public Schools during the 1970-71 school year were presented last night to the Ann Arbor Board of Education. All of the proposals, if put into effect, would cost about $860,000. It was stressed by Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Sam M. Snidermar, however, that only a small portion of the proposals from the Elementary and Secondary Councils would probably be recommended in the 1970-71 budget. The budget is expected to be presented next week. Besides the additions, two deletions also have been recommended by the councils. These are the scrapping of the fifth and sixth grade French program next year, which would save $132,000, plus dropping the eighth grade industrial arts elective at Forsythe Junior High, at a saving of $2,000. The fourth-grade French program was dropped last year. The Industrial Arts Department has recommended dropping the elective at Forsythe, since there are presently less than 20 students enrolled in the course. Some of the recommendations of the Elementary Council include increasing the money for instructional materials, hiring a school-community agent for Mack Elementary School, hiring four more helping teachers, hiring a second teacher aide for the Mack kindergarten program, hiring a permanent substitute teacher for Mack, and adding a learning disabilities consultant and five reading consultants. On the secondary level, sonie of the recoromendations inciude adding a second assistant principal and fourth counselor at each junior high school, I hiring reading consultants at Tappan Junior High I and Huron High, and increasing the number of 1 ing materials at three junior highs. I