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Protesters Warned

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A stern warning was issued last night by 'School Supt. W. Scott Westerman Jr. to student groups who plan to "escálate" the tactic of refusing to attend classes and stage group protests instead. Those studente will be suspended indefinitely in the future, Westerman said. "We're not fooling. We mean it," he declared. The superintendent said he was not talfcing solely about black youths, who have used that tactic several times lately at the two high schools, but all youths. He asked for parental and school board backing of his policy, and said he realizes _may__result in a "confrontation." He added that he fully realizes such a policy may mean closing the schools for a time if such confrontations materialize, and making the students give up spring and other vacations to make up for missed time. Westerman emphasjzed that the policy does not change the determination of the administraron to uncover "root causes" of the student protests at the schools. His objective, he said, is simply to help the students understand "there are some limits." Westerman said his warning was precipitated by predictions throughout the nation that the tactic of leaving class, refusing tp go back when asked, and staging I tests would escálate in secondary schools


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