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School Discipline Changes Likely

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Review and probably revisión oftheAnnArborPub lic Schools' controversial Discipline Policy are expected to come before the Board of Education before classes are dismissed this June, according to school officials. A 10-man Discipline Policy Review Committee - composed ofthree teachers, three administrators, a junior high and senior high counselor, a social worker and Neil Mueller, assistant director of pupil personnel- is presently compiling suggestkms and criticisms on the present Discipline Policy. The comments were made at five public hearings attended by 600-700 persons, held recently in the school district. Written responses on the policy from commuaity groups, faculty committees and Student Councils also are being compiled. Following the April 6-10 spring recess, the Discipline Policy Review Committee will be enlarged to include four students (two from the junior high level and two from the senior highs) and four parents. There will be an "effort to insure a variety of viewpoints" on the enlarged committee, according to John W. Hubley, assistant to the superintendent for community services. The enlarged comittee will then meet to review all materials relating to the Discipline Policy, and will make recommendations for alternatives to School Supt. W. Scott Westerman Jr. and the Board of Educa tipn. These recommendations will be presented to the school board in a briefing session, and will be acted upon at a later regular session. The News will report both the dates of the briefing and action sessions when the Discipline Policy will be on the agenda.