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North Campus Pupils Being Transferred

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Aboundaly changó beginning this September which will transfer about 100 North Campus children from King Elementary School to Lawton Elementary was given approval last night by the Ann Arbor Board of Educatian. The Ann Ar bar Public Schools will pay for the busing of the children from King to Lawton- an eight-mile r i d e across town. The busing cost is estimated at $10,000 per year. The North Campus children live in University tax-exempt housing, leading Trustee Ted Heusel to remark: "We take another shaft from the University," since the public schools will now be paying for the transportation of those children while receiving no taxi revenues. A tentative agreement has I been reached, however, for the lUniversity to pay the public I schools $252,000 this f all for the I approximately 400 ehildren livI ing in tax-exempt housing. The ehildren to be bused are Ithose whose addresses are on Cram Place, Cram Circle, Hubbard and Murfin. This is a change from a July 1 proposal to bus 75 youngsters living on Cram Circle and Murfin only. The1 move is being made to relieve the overcrowding at King and to use the five to six empty classrooms expected at Lawton during 1970-71 because of an enrollment decrease. School officials say without the" boundary change, threel portable classrooms, costingl about $10,000 each, would bel needed at King School. It is not known for certainl how long the 100 North Campus ehildren will attend Lawton. It is possible they might be moved again in about two years if Lawton inereases its enrollment and can no longer II modate the transferred 1 sters. :


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