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School Idea Plan Proposed

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The' formaKon of 'a citizens' committee to assess whether an on-going, employé incentive type of cost reduction program would be applicable to the Ann Arbor Public Schools was approved last night by the Board of Education. If it is found to be feasible, the committee will recommend a program, implementation plan and evaluation plan. The suggestion for the committee was made by Trustee Cecil W. Warner. Warner says most business organizations employing as many people as the Ann Arbor schools maintain such a program to "involve the employés and motívate their involvement through awards. As an example, the General Motors Corp. paid in excess of $13 million to their employés last year for employe-initiated cost reductions." The suggestionscould not be ja "cost avoidance," Warner said, such as, "lf you don't fill that position, you '11 save $10,000." The eommittee will report back to the board by Nov. 30.


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