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Board Approves School Calendar

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Thé7 1970-71 Calendar for" the Ann Arbor Public Schools was ratified last night by the Board of Education. The approval had been delayed a week to insure inclusión of an agreement that school will not be in session during the week of April 5 if city elections are scheduled that week, but that instead the dates of vacation will be renegotiated with the teachers' association. Whether or not there will be a spring election in 1971 is still in doubt. A bilí is pending in the Michigan Legislature which would abolish all municipal spring elections and order them to be held in November of odd numbered years. Voter turnout for city elections has been much lower in past years when elections coincided with spring vacations. The calendar must still be approved by the Ann Arbor Education Association, and is subject to the successful comrietion of negotiations for a new contract with the AAEA. Those negotiations are still in progress. According to the calendar, classes will begin on Tuesday morning, Sept. 1. This is the week before Labor Day, which falls this year on Sept. 7. School usually begins the day after Labor Day, but beeause of the lateness this year of the holiday, it was decided to begin the week before. Otherwise, smmer vacation would not begin next year until June 18, a week later than usual. The proposed calendar is as follows : - Aug. 27-28: New teacher ' orientation. -Aug. 31: All teachers, report. 3 - Sept. 1 (Tuesday): PupilsH report for afternoon sessipns. - Sept. 7 (Monday): Labor Day- no school. Nov. 2 6-27 (Thursday-Friday): Thanksgiving vacation. - Dec. 21-Jan. 1: Winter vaca-j tion. -Jan. 20 (Wednesday): Students' last day, first semester. -Jan. 25 (Monday): Second semester begins. -April 5-9: Spring vacation. -May 31 (Monday) : No school. -June 10 (Thursday): Students dismissed after morningl session. -June 11 (Friday): Last day for teachers, who may leave atl 11:30 a.m. upon completion of assignments.


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