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Deputized Mother Serves As Crossing Guard

Deputized Mother Serves As Crossing Guard image Deputized Mother Serves As Crossing Guard image
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Traffic moved smoothly today at the Packard-Dalton Rd. intersection as a Woodland H i 1 1 s mother deputized by Washtenaw Sheriff Douglas Harvey served as a crossing guard for children on their way to and from Carpenter Elementary School. Yesterday morning, about 40 parents blocked traffic for 45 minutes on five-lane Packard to e n a b 1 e their children to safely cross the busy road. No crossing guard was provided yesterday. Pollowirig a meeting yesterday with school, township, sheriff's and County Road Commission officials, Mrs. Shirley Watters of 3131 Scenic Lake Dr. was deputized for crossing guard duties until Sept. 21. She will be paid by Pittsfield Township, in which the Woodland Hills Development is located. The township says money is available for a guard only until this date. After Sept. 21, Mrs. Watters says the parents hope a bus will be provided to transport the children. "A guard isn't the permanent answer for a fivelane highway - it's just too dangerous," Mrs. Watters told The News. "Everyone knows a bus is the only answer. The question is who's going to come up with the money to pay for it," she added. Mrs. Watters says the parents hope the bus will be provided by the Ann Arbor School District. The children in that área are not eligible for regular busing, but could be provided with safety busing, if that is approved by the Board of Education. Dr. Richard C. Creal, safety coördinator for the Ann Arbor Public Schools, told the Woodland Hills parents yesterday that he would recommend the children from Woodland Hills be provided with safety busing along with about six „ other areas in the school district. That report from Creal will go to the Board of Education within a few weeks. The board must decide, however, whether it will provide the funds for the safety busing. Because of the June 8 millage defeat, funds are nót certain. Following yesterday's meeting, Mrs. Watters says it was promised that a sheriff's deputy would be at the Packard-Dalton intersection daily to enforee the speed laws. The present speed limit is 25 miles per hour, but it is expected to be raised soon to 35. New school' crossing signs also have been provided in the area, and the County Road Commission said it would pursue having a traffic light installed. Presently, there is no traffic light there and no sidewalks. Mrs. Watters said the parents will continue to pursue buying their own bus and hiring a driver for the children if none of the other agencies will provide busing.