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112 Black Professionals Employed By Schools

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The distribution of the 112 black professional staff members in the Ann Arbor School District was detailed last night for the Ann Arbor Board of Education. That figure is an increase of 31 over the 1969-70 figure of 81 black staff. Five elementary schools have no black classroom teachers- Abbot, Dixboro, Lakewood, Meadowview and Pittsfield. ' All of the other buildings in the school system have at least one professional black staff member. . Here are the school-by-school figures of black staff: ELEMENTARY Abbot, none; AUen, 1; Angelí, 1; Bach, 3; Bader, 2; Burns Park, 3; Carpenter 3; Clinton, 2; Dicken, 1; Dixboro, none; Eberwhite, 1; Haisley, 1; King, 2; Lakewood, none; Lawton, 1; Mack, 14; Meadowview, none; Mitchell, 2; Newport, 2 (including the principal); Northside 'lO (mcluding the principal); Pattengill 1Pittsfield, none; Stone, 1; Thurston 3and Wines, 2. SECONDARY Forsythe, 9; Scarlett, 3; Slauson, 6 (including the principal); Tappan 6Huron, 9; Pioneer, 10. There also are five black staff members in the Pupil Personnel office including the director, Dr. Hazel Turner four black rotating art, music and physical education teachers for elementary buildings; two black administrators and a black media specialist and a special education consultant.