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Bautista Salary High Anyway

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f Editor, The News7 O y , Congratulations to Sharon Woodson and The Ann Arbor News for their initiative in investigating the authenticity of Mildred Bautista's credentials. It is indeed time someone did more than raise an eyebrow concerning the basis for paying any (then) 24-year-old administrative assistant $20,000 of taypayer money - especially when austerity measures are reducing the quality of education in Ann Arbor. To be sure, it was not the responsibility of the school board to check her credentials, but it should certainly have been well withm their responsibility to set reasonable salary limits for this position based upon readily available wage and salary data. Broadly experienced middle management executives of twice her age frequently earn less. Very few young lawyers, accountants, engineers or Ph.D. level scientists earn as much as this until at least several years after completing their arduous training and professional qualifications. It is even possible that some full professors earn less. What, then, represents Miss Bautista's unique value, even if her credentials were valid?