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Dean Bodley, dean of Community High School, has responded to the inservice day program by stating that the problems at Community are not unique to that school but problems in all high schools .and junior highs and in the society at large. During the day-long inservice period, parents, teachers and students were divided into groups to discuss topics including drugs, extortion, - lence in the schools, fighting, etc. Dean Bodley stated: "Our philsophy is that these things are prevalent in our public schools as well as our society and the discussion was designed to come up with positive measures and methods to cope with them in the school community. "We were tremendously de lighted with the large number of parents, students and teachers in the discussions relative to these problems, and some of the brainstorming that went on and some of the solutions that were found and will be implemented." Dean Bodley said one thing that will be tried in the academie areas is to allow "parental assistance to help students improve b a s i c academie studies." He added the school will attempt "counseling with students as to their particular aspirations and then, in conjunction with teachers in the community, trying to design their program to specifically meet their needs." Dean Bodléy added there had been, "A deep feeling of the need for student understanding and self -discipline and implementation of the factor of self-direction on the part of students." He stated that the new discipline policy adopted by the Board of Education was designed to deal with some of the problems of violence in the schools. He emphasized, however, that those problems are not unique to Community High. ''The problems are not unique to Community and they involve the whole system and the whole society. We feel that for too long we have attempted to ignore them and have not brought ourselves together to cope with them intelligently."