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Three-part School Bond Plan Offered

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A "new look" school bonding proposal was reconmended by Acting Supt. W. Scott Westermann Jr. last night, which would offer three separate packages to the voters ou May 13. The total amount of the bond issue would be about $8.5 million, approximately half the size of the Jan. 8 bonding issue which was soundly beaten. By law, the money could nol be tránsferred from one category to another without the people's express consent through another election, Westerman said. This "restrictive" provisión should "restore the confidence in the community" that the Board of Education and administration will attempt to lequalize bids and final costs he said. The board ws severely crit icized during the Jan. 8 bonding campaign for transferring about $6 millior. of the 1965 $8 million bonding election to cover :he increased costs of Huron High School. Only about $5 million had been approved by the voters, but total costs of the school reached about $11.5 mil[ion. Westerman said that the sep arate-proposal format was the result of the lessons of the Jan. 8 election, when "the people spoke emphatically" and "asked for a different presentation." No final decísions were made by the trustees last night, but the May 13 date seems virtually certain. The cost and format of the bonding proposal must be set by early March for a May 13 election. Westerman reiterated his earlier recommendation that the third high school, to be locatec at the Maple Rd.-M-14 intersection, be deleted from the bonding proposal. Planning money for the high school totalling $380,000, would be included, however. The three separate proposals which would appear on the ballot- and which could be approved or rejected separately- are as follows: Proposal I- School Buildings Classroom Additions and Renovations. This would total $6,782,Ö00 and would include the fifth unior high school ($4,471,000); a 12-room elementary school and 10-room additions to existng elementary buildings for a total of $1,418,000; planning money for the third senior high ($380,000); and renovations at Slauson, Tappan, Mack and other schools ($513,000). Proposal II - Service and Administration Facilities. This item would include a building and grounds facility for $417,000 and an administration building for $819,000, for a total of $1,236,000. Proposal III - Library Addition, Branch and Branch Sites. This item would total $550,555, and would include additions to the main public library ($438,000) and to the Pauline branch library ($103,500), along with the purchase of a site for the P 1 y m o u t h branch library ($9,000). Westerman commented that the $550,550 for the library items constitute approximately threefourths of the total cost. The additional one-quarter, he said, would accrue from reimbursements from the federal government from the Library Construction Act. The superintendent said that the expected federal grants would be put toward the libraries, and not toward the administration building, as was proposed last week. The estimated costs for the administration building jumped back to $819,000, instead of last week's $600,000. Westerman said he feels that each package of the proposal can be supported "on its own merits," and he urged "prompt reaction" to the recommendation by the trustees.


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