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Pto President Is 6th Candidate

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■ Gerald Gottleíb, 42, president mt of the Lakewood School ParentI Teacher Organization, today be■ carne the sixth announced ean■ didate in the June 9 Ann Arbor ■ Board of Education election. ■ Gottleib will be seeking one ■ of three vacant board séats. ■ The other announced candi■ dates are James W. Anderson ■ Jr., former vice chairman of ■ the Ann Arbor Human Relations I Commission; Mrs. Mary Jane ■ Shoultz, former director of the I ,AND Day Care Center in I Willow Run; Cecil W. Warner a I senior engineering administraI tor at Bendix Aerospace Systems División; Henry Johnson, tor of group care and counseling at the W. J. Maxey Training School for Boys; and Dr Ronald C. Bishop, chief of Medical Service at Veterans Administration Hospital. Gottleib is sales manager for Godfrey Moving & Storage Co in Ann Arbor. He received an industrial engineering degree at Penn State University, and has completed work on a master's degree m industrial management at Temple University. Gottleib is on the board of directors of the Kiwanis Club of Ann Arbor Southeastern, and has served as president of the Cystic Fibrosis Association in Philadelphia and as National President of the Young Pecrole's League. He lives with his wife, June and their two children at 3247 Lakewood Ave. Gottleib made the followine candidacy statement: "There are a number of issues in this election which must be considered and acted upon in order to maintain and increase the excellence of the Ann Arbor schools. As a school board member, I would work toward implementing the followmg objectives: 1) "Quality edücatïonc5nl? maintained with a lower millage request. We must find some means to raise money for the schools without constantly mcreasing the burden of the property owner. It is hoped that more financial assistanee f rom the state or the University can be obtained to ease this burden. Also, property assessments oí the eight outlying townships should be made more equitable with the evaluations placed upon Ann Arbor property. 2) "I feel it is imperative that construction of a fifth junior high school and plans for a third senior high school be started to avoid future problems of overcrowded schools. 3) "I strongly support the Vumili request for the Washtenaw Intermedíate School District. This increase is necessary to continue the work being done I for the special problem children in the área. I 4) "Students should have an I opportunity to meet on a I lar basis with the school board I in order to help advise on I icies which affect them. This I group would strictly be an I visory unit, but could afford I sistanee toward more effective I .board policy decisions."


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