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C. H. Good Only Incumbent In City Schools' Election

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Ann Arbor v School Board trustee and vice president Charles H. Good is the only incumbent seeking re-election to the board when his term expires in June. President of Adaptive Devices, Inc., Good resides at 1421 Roxbury with his wife and three children. He is a gradúate of the University and has his master's degree in business administration. He issued the following statement after filing his petition with the board: "In the three years I have served on the Ann Arbor Board of Education, I have seen a constructive evolution towards more effective serving of the needs of all students, regardless of their circumstances or their goals. "I see the school administration as dedicated to improvement of the system, which means change. While this change is viewed as too fast by some, too slow by some, and misdirected by some, I am convinced that the direction is right and the pace is practical. "The school administration has made positive steps toward improving credibility in times which try the patience of teacher, student and citizen alike. "Evidences of advahce planning include the management, survey of Ernst & Ernst, the building cost studies by Colbert & Karafilis, and preparation forá the June 8 bond proposal, in five parts, which has more substantive background data to support the request than ever bef ore. "Evidences of a commitment to improved communication are the procedure by which the Dress and Grooming Policy was evolved by PTO representatives, students and teachers working together. Also, while the conflict received most of the public attention, the responsible communication between student, teacher and administration during the disruptions at the high schools was the most important result. The appointment of a community services director has served to make the board more aware of community concerns by h e 1 ping the members of the community in making their concerns known. "While it is important to have credibüity, the main tion of the public schools is to prepare our youth to go on in life and deal with the world as it is. The life in the student community is much like the life in a n y other community. It requires responsibility and it requires freedoms. B o t h are essential. "There is a need for more emphasis on the adequacy of instruction at the primary level, since a superior primary program has the potential of preventing learning difficulties which may otherwise occur, and such difficulties would cost much more to try to remedy later on in the schools or in the community. "I am pleased to have been a part of the school system for the last 3 years and seek to continue because I feel that I can help to continue the responsible direction in which the system is moving. "I support and urge a yes vote on all of the June 8th 1 lot issues as a positive means I towards providing a meaningful I education in what I considerl I difficult times." I


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