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4 Of 16 School Tax, Bond Propositions Approved In Area

4 Of 16 School Tax, Bond Propositions Approved In Area image
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Only ur issues out of a total of 16 millage and bonding proposals were approved yesterday in area school districts. Millage proposals were approved in Saline, Clinton, Manchester and Pinckney. Bonding and millage issues were defeated in the Brighton, Howell, South Lyon, Whitmore L a k e , Lincoln, Milan and Willow Run School Districts. The Chelsea and Dexter School Districts did not have any issues on the ballot. Here are the results of the individual school districts. All had school board elections in addition to some having financial issues on the ballot: Saline A proposal totaling 10.85 milis for operating expenses for one year passed 791 to 685 in the Saline Area School District. Of the total package, 9.35 milis are renewal and 1.50 milis additional. The increase is earmarked to opérate the . new high school. Incumbents Hugh Austin, 893 votes, and Emerson Haeussler, 749 votes, were reelected to the two four-year seats on the Board of Education. Donald C. Kraushaar was third with 692 votes and Daniel S. Lirones had 458 votes. South Lyon In the South Lyon Community School District, a $1,770,000 bonding proposition lost 1,004 to 622. It called for the construction, eqipping and furnishing of an elementary school and remodeling of existing school buildings. Votes cast totaled 1,663. There were 37 spoiled ballots. Incumbent Rita Chenoweth was elected to the one fouryear school board term with 674 votes. Other candidates were Thomas Case, 557; William J. Allen, 211, and Robert E. Wright, III. Edward Ellsworth received 12 write-in votes. Willow Run . Both millage issues in the Willow Run School District were defeated. The renewal of three milis for three years for operations lost 668 to 381. An additional three-mill proposal for five years, also for operations, was defeated 726 to 310. W. J. Brown wón the fouryear school board term with 477 votes. His opponents were G. Wayne Spike, incumbent, 384 votes and Richard H. Williams, 146 votes. Harold D. Brooks received 691 votes for the one two-year term. He was unopposed. .Petitions had been filed asking for the recall of five Willow Run school board members but the recall was not on the ballot. Torn Krakker, business manager said the petitions had not been certified and are now being checked by school attorneys. Clinton In the Clinton Community School District, residents approved a 3.5-mill increase for operating funds for three years by a vote of 294 to 166. Norman Randall with 157 votes, won the one four-year school board term. Other candidates includéd Glenn R. Clark, 145; George R. Wolf, 86; Henry Louwerens, 67 and Marie A. Johnson, 21. A total of 483 votes were tallied. Brighton Residents in the Brighton Public School District turned down the two bonding and two millage issues. One bonding proposal for $9,669,000 was defeated 897 to 687. It called for the construction of a new high school and elementary school, development of an athletic field, site purchase and renovation of the present high school. The second bonding proposal totaled $500,000 and was for the construction of an indoor swimming pool. It lost 1,077 to 503. The millage issues were both increases and were for five years. The five-mill proposal lost 873 to 695. It was for increased costs, teachers' salaries and additional teachers. The second proposal' for one-mill was defeated 928 to 641 and was to I help finance the community school program. The two female candidates won the two four-year school board t e r m s . They arel Dorothy Bauchat, 756 votes I and Eleanor Mclntyre, 652 I votes. Defeated were Earl I Springstead, 632 votes, and I Board President R o b e r t J Sloan, 574 votes. Erwin H. Bandkau Jr. was I unopposed for the lone 1 year seat. He received 834 1 votes. Votes cast totaled 1,602 votes. Lincoln A five-mill proposal for operating funds for five years lost 831 to 647 in the Lincoln Consolidated School District. The proposal consisted of 2Vz milis for renewal and 2Vi milis additional. The issue; was defeated lsat March 685 to 399. G 1 e n Rowe, incumbent, with 833 votes won one of the two four-year terms. Lyle Antieau with 729 votes won the other vacancy. Defeated were Incumbent Robert Bevier, 637; and Robert Lowry, 437. There was a total of 1,493 votes with 15 spoiled ballots. Chelsea In the Chelsea Public School District, Robert Schafer, 256 votes, defeated Donald Baldwin, former v i 1 1 a g e president, who received 189 votes for a school board seat with a one year term. Gerald Straub, was unopposed for the one four-year term and garnered 389 votes. Dexter William Sartin, incumbent, 502 votes and John Trustdorf, 469 votes, won the two fouryear terms in the Dexter Community School District Board of Education. Defeated candidates were Tony Milazzao, 111 votes and Charles Moler, 60 votes. A total of 594 ballots was cast. Manchester Voters in the Manchester School District approved the renewal of 11.6 milis for operating expenses for one year by a vote of 327 to 202. The Board of Education incumbents, all unopposed, were re-elected. They were Don Walter 471 votes and Luther C. Klager 431 votes, for the two four-year terms and Reno Feïdkamp, 458 votes and Eugene B e n tschneider, 423 votes, for the two t h r e e-y e a r vacancies. There were 534 votes. Pinckney The renewal of two milis for one year for operation passed 602 to 338 in the Pinckney Community School! District. Laura Jean Vollmar, 4301 votes, and John Haberkorn, I 341 votes, won the two 1 year school board terms. 1 er candidates were Raymond Maurer, 294; Leon Leutz, 242; Robert Webber, 230, and Arlene Martek, 160. Joseph Martin with 508 votes was elected to the one three-year vacancy. His opponent was the Rev. Henry Reinewald 364. Although Dr. Richard Posier was previously listed as a candidate, he withdrew from the race and his name did not appear on the ballot. A total of 948 voted in the election. There were eight spoiled ballots. Milan In the Milan Area School District, a 3.5-mill increase for operating expenses for two years lost by j u s t two votes, 830 to 828. The proposal was previously defeated on April 27 by a vote of 783 to 752. Incumbent Wil Ham E. GoodwinivitbHSoteswas elected to one of the two fouryear school board terms. Calvin G. Sweet, 896 votes, won the other term. The defeated candidate was Incumbent J. Colin Hamberg who received 841 votes. Whitmore Lake A $1.4 million bonding proposal was turned down 331 to 239 in the Whitmore Lake Public School District. The proposition was for the remodeling and re-equipping the elementary school buildings; enlarging furnishing and re-equipping the high school; acquiring additional land for site purposes and developing and improving sites. Incumbents Anna M. Winters, 349 votes and Lionel J. Pettigrew, 164 votes, were reelected to the two four-year board terms. The defeated candidates included Albert W. Ansted, 122; David E. Gibbons, 103; Ray A. Jones, 95; Harold N. Gregg, 84; Edward M. Bucko, 68; and Marvin L. Dunlapr58""lBBIHBMBÉ Darel C. Hardesty, 220 votes, won the one three-year post. Other candidates were J. F. Rentschler, 127; Robert A. Orr, 107 and Mabih Mashni, 58. Howell Two separate m i 1 1 a g e issues in the Howell School District went down to defeat. One issue for 17 milis for operations for one year lost 1,092 to 992. The package included 12 milis for renewal and five milis additional. (over please)