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Nancy H. Brussolo issued the following statement in announcing her candidacy for the Ann Arbor Board of Education. "The present Board of Education has adopted worthy goals for the Ann Arbor School District and the administration has offered and implemented many w o r t hwhile programs and policies. Yet there is dissatisfaction throughout o u r community among students, parents and professional staff. Why? I believe that the community senses a gap between promises and performance. "It is not enough to say we believe in quality education if children reach high school without the necessary skills in reading and math. :, "It is not enough to say we believe in education for citizenship when students teil us they do not have meaningful opportunities to explore and help to solve problems in our community. "It is not enough to say we believe in decentralization, if the members of school neighborhoods believe that their voices have not been heard or heeded. "It is not enough to say we believe in a balanced budget when the administration stresses that the proposed 1972-73 budget is inadequate to meet many of the pressing educational needs and priorities of the district. "It is not enough to say we believe in discipline if we do not allow students opportunities to experience success in school and thereby build selfrespect and self-discipline. "It is not enough to say we bèlieve in individualized instruction if we continue to raise class sizes and pour more students into the traditional high schools. "It is not enough to say we believe in expertise in planning for the future of the district if we fail to recognize and utilize professional knowhow in such fields as curriculum and counseling. "It is not enough to say we believe in humaneness as long as our system perpetuates many policies and practices of a racist and sexist society. "It is not enough to say we believe in equal educational opportunity for all if we deny any of our children the needed opportunities to learn from each other and about each other. "Perhaps we as a community have expected too much, but I am not at all interestedl in fixing blame for the 1 satisfaction. Accusations and I misconceptions exist on allí sides, but it is time to ceasel the insult trading and deal I with the misunderstandings and the tensions. "I am convinced that the trustees of the Board of Education must stop taking rigid, polar positions on issues and work together to reach further toward those goals for which surely there can be no disagreement - equal and equitable opportunity and the best possible educational experience for every student in our schools." Mrs. Brussolo is a member of the League of Women Vote r s ' education committee which is currently engaging in a study of the Ann Arbor schools. I She is a member of the Margaret Waterman U - M ! A 1 u m n a e and the Mortar Board alumnae and serves as treasurer of the Ann Arbor Citizens Council. Mrs. Brussolo and her husband, John, engineering manager of Applied Dynamics Computer Systems, Reliance Electric Co., live at 1540 Roxbury Rd. Their three sons are students at Huron, Tappan and Bader schools. She holds a BS degree from Northwestern University and an MA from the University of California at I Berkeley. Three school board seats will be decided in a June 12 election.