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Girl 15, Seeks Ballot Spot

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ff M A 15 year oíd Ann Aröor junior high school student has filed suit in Federal District Court in Detroit in an attempt to have her name placed on the ballot as a candidate for the Board of Education. Sonia Yaco filed the suit today and was joined in the action by the Human Rights Party, which had nominated her as a candidate. She had filed petitions to run for the board but the board refused to allow her to run because state law requires that a person be 18 years of age or older before running for this office. The suit claims that the U.S. Constitution guarantees all citizens basic rights and equal protection under the law, and charges that the state of Michigan violates her rights by not permitting her to become a candidate for the Board of Education. The Human Rights Party platform calis for the age of majority to be reduced to the age of 14. The party says this is based partly on Gov. Milliken's Commission on the Age of Majority which last year found that age 14 is approximately when most adult characteristics are reached. Gov. Milliken's Commission recommended, however, that the age of majority be reduced to 18. Gabe Kaimowitz, an attorney handling the suit for Miss Yaco and the HRP, asked the court to convene a three-judge panel to rule on the case because of the Constitutional questions involved. Since the election is June 12, he also sought temporary and permanent injunctions to allow Miss Yaco's name to appear on the ballot. The HRP states that if the Federal District Court rules against Miss Yaco the case will immediately be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. Earlier this year, the HRP was successful in two court tests of the residency requirements for candidates seeking City, Council seats. In both cases, the court held the City Charter residency requirements as unconstitutional.