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(Continued from page 1 5) "With the current focus on the activites of the assistant to the superintendent, grave doubt arises as to the propriety of the board's response. One must assume that the board does not suspect collusion within the administrative hierarchy, when it gave authorization of public monies and ordered "after the fact" investigation of credentials. "The judgement of the board itself must be questioned when . it promotes an expensive trip to investígate [■ problems which could have been solved by phone calis and letters to the appropriate authorities. The public has become aware of erratic behavior on the part of the l; superintendent in past months. He has failed to bring diverse points of view together, believing instead the confrontation alone will affect change." Ms. Nancy Brussolo of 1540 Roxbury Rd. feels the community is beginning to sense a gap between school board promises and performance. "The present Board of Education has adopted worthy goals for the Ann Arbor school district and the administration has offered and implemented many worthwhile programs and policies. Yet there is dissatisfaction throughout our community among students, parents and professional staff. "It is not enough to say we believe in quality education if children reach high school without the necessary skills in reading and math. It is not enough to say we believe in decentralization, if the members of school neighborhoods believe that their voices have not been neard or heeded." "It is not enough to say we believe in a balanced budget when the administration stresses that the proposed 1972-73 budget is inadequate to meet any of the pressing i educational needs and priorities of this district. "Perhaps we as a community have expected too much, but I am not at all interested in fixing blame for dissatisfaction. Accusations and misconceptions exist on all sides, but it is time to cease the insult trading and deal with the misunderstandings and the tensions. "I am convinced that the trustees of the Board of Education must stop taking rigid, polar positions on issues and work together to reach further toward these goals for which surely there can be no disagreement...equal and equitable opportunity and the best possible educational experience for every student in our schools." Board President Cecil Warner has decided he'll seek another term. The Bendix Aerospace senior engineering administrator says, "I am running for re-election because I feel the days ahead will be especially difficult. We must have a school board that is cognizant of the developing needs of our community and capable of achieving those needs within the ever more restrictive financial framework closing I around us. "Our citizens are already taxed beyond the average and most accept this willingly. But we must recognize, at least as far as the property tax is concerned, we are at the end of the road. And herein lies our biggest, most overwhelming is financial! "Our financial problems are very real. The present I board has met those needs but there are no final I solutions. Our problems will become even greater...the I legislature is dedicated to an educational concept that will I have the effect of lowering (and lowering to a I considerable degree) the level we have achieved and I maintained in Ann Arbor. Continued on next page