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1 - I have endorsed each of these programs. They represent m u c h needed change from what our students see as "lock-step," rigid programs in our more traditional settings. Pioneer II has not been a 100 per cent success. Some students have wasted a year, some have found themselves, some have had a very productive experience. If we can build from the past year's experience, Pioneer II should become a very valuable program. As with all our programs, we must try to get a more heterogeneous student population in this setting. The Community High School should give further choices to students. It must not be allowed to become a placement for poor achievers or students rejected from other programs for various reasons. The Middle Schools should answer some of the problems i of our present Junior High Schools. This will only happen if we convince the students that we are interested in them. Programs must be individualized as much as possible. 2 - In our present setting it is the responsibility of the Board of Education to assure that the Public Library is properly funded. We cannot allow the support of the Library to shrink, proportionally, as it has in the past few years. Within the budget of the school system, the instruct i o n a 1 programs have top priority. The present proposed budget could provide more for the library, but cuts would have to come in other programs to balance this. If school revenues do not provide properly for the library, a separate taxing authority may be necessary.