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Nancy Brussolo

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1- High school students teil us that they need more opportunities to explore a variety of career choices, more time to spend with teachers and counselors, better ways to learn about their fellow students and their community. So I believe that the two "new" high schools represent opportunfties for young adults to have a real share in formulating their individual educational goals, planning and choosing programs to meet those aims and having opportunities to learn with and from their peers, teachers, and resource people in our community. I urge that these programs be carefully evaluated so that those activities and concepts that are deemed successful can be used in our more "traditional" high schools, and perhaps as models for other smaller secondary units. I support the current Board's decisión to meet the needs of youth from sixth to eighth grade in middle schools. I trust that these early adolescent years will be viewed as a time (1) to gain and solidify the basic skills of early elementary school and (2) to explore many courses and activities. 2- Without continued community support, the library's widely used services may be cut. Therefore I urge all Ann Arbor citizens to sign and support the "BEST" petition for state educational financial reform which grants property tax relief and also has a guarantee for continued support for libraries. The Library Advisory Board has asked the Board to consider a separate millage for financing the library and I believe this idea deserves serious consideration.