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1 - I view these programs as excellent examples to meet the challenge of educating our children by providing viable alternatives. Community High School is directed toward a group of students frequently overlooked and turned off in our traditional public school system. While it is untried in our system, its purpose of providing academies together with a work experience has been enthusiastically received. Pioneer II have been well accepted after the initial period. It seems to have merit for certain students desirous of experiencing a special academie experience. Middle Schools provides one answer to the earlier development of young people today. While this concept is relatively new on the Ann ArI bor scène, it has met with success in other parts of the country. Sixth and seventh grades should not be separated because this is a very special learning and development age. Also, grade nine students should be in the high school environment for several reasons ; accreditation require ments, college preparatory work, students are ready. 2- The public library is an important resource for not only the raany students in our community, but it also serves the needs of many other groups. I would be very reluctant to take any action which might be harmful to what I consider to be one of Ann Arbor's outstanding resources. I can only promise to weigh very carefully all possible alternatives before taking any budgetary action affecting the public librarv. _M