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1 - In recent years we have instituted changes which, after the fact, we reassess and reverse. The concept of change, for the sake of change, is invalid. The proposed middle schools represent change in structure but the concept is based on the value judgement of s o m e educators. Equally valid expertise indicates that shifting school population accomplishes nothing. Currently, if one accepts the theory of the Middle School, one must question the timing. In Ann Arbor, to incorpórate the ninth grade into the high schools will reIj sult in serious overcrowding. iThis at a time when primary schools are anticipating lower enrollments. The Community 'High School, designed, in part, to relieve the congestión in the high school, is offering idealistic solutions to students who are looking for educational alternatives. It is professing to fill a void; to gain what, for how many? The per pupil costs (50 per cent more than other high school students) raises a serious question about the equable división of the educational dollar. There is a need for more vocational training and for capitalizing on the expertise available in our munity. Visiting professionals, tradesmen and paraprofessions should be invited to our present facilities to share their knowledge. Investigation into a cooperative venture with the Washtenaw Community College should be considered. The Pioneer II experiment speaks for itself. Projected enrollment is less than half its original number. 2 - The library deserves community support with a flat millage rate to replace the capricious present methods of financing.