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1 - I support all three school concepts. The Community High School offers a student practical experience related to his interests while pursuing a formal program of study. Pioneer II provides ian experience in independent study. It gives a student ari opportunity to set goals against which he or she can be measured. This is an education in itself. It also gives the students an opportunity to survey and evalĂșate their life vocational goals at this age and change them if found to be inappropriate. Generally, our children are about one year ahead of where we were at their age. Sixth and ninth graders are too sophisticated for their respective- school structures. Ninth grade is officially regarded as high school by the North Central Accrediting Association. Removal of the ninth grade, which influences the Junior High curriculum, will allow us to provide a more flexible program; one more suited to the student's needs. 2 -The Public Library should be part of the Public Schools. Two economie advantages support this, they are: cross sharing of books and material between the main library and the school libraries and revenue comes from the e n t i r e school district and state rathcr than the city alone if the public library feil under city jurisdiction. lts financial appropriation from the school system should be based upon use by the public at large and not a proration of the entire school budget. Perhaps special books and material could be drawn from the vast resources of the U of M libraries.