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Letty Wickliffe

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l_New educational projects should be carefully planned. Teachers, students, parents, administrators - each playing the part for which he has the experience and training for involvement in plans for the development of all children and youth. If the skeleton curriculum for the Community High School can be developed, a well-trained staff selected, and the community become actively involved, it has the possibility of being a stimulating experience for the students. I do not see it as a school for Huron High and Pioneer High rejects; but one in which the students can obtain the necess a r y academie background for jobs or college and, at the same time, become acquainted with the skills, social and academie behavior required in the work-a-day world. In Community High, Pioneer II and middle schools there must be a framework in which the students can function. Students can help make the rules which they will be expected to follow. The staff must see that these regulations are followed. The role of a well-trained personal counselor who is able and has the freedom to use all agencies is vital to a student with behavior problems. 2- The library is necessary in order to extend the learning process. Teachers, parents, youth and interested citizens should be able to determine and defend a budget that would be required to adequately serve the needs of all ages in the community. Education cannot be short changed by lack of equipment. The library is not a frill. Arrangements for continual adequate f u n d i n g should be made.