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Dr. Charles L. Voraw says he is a candidate for the Ann Arbor Board of Education in the June 11 election "because I am interested in the education of our children. "Because I believe in the current mechanisms for maintaining the educational process in the school district. Because I believe I am qualified. Because I am willing to contribute the extra effort and time necessary to be a contributing member, of the school board. Because I am willing to givé time to consider issues carefully and arrive at a decisión based on the widest possible input. Because I believe the decisions of the board represent policy directed to the best interests of all students within the school district. "Too long has the school board responded to pressure politics. It is time that the policy position of the school board be affirmed and placed in perspective. It is time that the implementation position of the hired administrators be recognized and put into perspective. It is time that the teachers within the school system spend their effort towards the betterment of the entire instructional program. "I commit myself, therefore, to reach decisions onvissues básed upon an intelligent and rational investigation of all the f a c t s available. I would support no action unless its impact on the remainder of the system is understood. The issues of the day have been with us for a long time. If there were an easy solution, the problems would not be with us. I do not have all the answers, Resolution of our problems will be difficult. "You are then entitled to know my philosphies upon which I will base decisions. "1) I believe that every student in the school system should be able to educationally develop to his maximum capacity. I believe that the student should be continually urged to reach the limits of his abilities. This refers not only to the basic academie subjects but also to those aspects which prepare a student to live in an increasingly complex and troubled society. "2) I believe that there is no single educational format which is best for all students. This school system is large enough to have within it a number of alternative learning opportunities. The learning situation for each studentshould be individualized as much as possible. "3) I believe the safety of each individual student should be protected. This demands safety for all students. "The method of financing schools state-wide is uncertain at this time. The Ann Arbor school system, by all indication, is going to lose some purchasing power which they have enjoyed in the past. We must face the reality of a reduction in the ability of the school system to offer all programs which it now has. The setting of priorities of the uses of monies available will be difficult. "An educational program involves a student, a teacher, and a time in history. All three of these elements are tremendously variable. Neither the teachers, the students, nor the social climate is the same today as it was at any past time. The demands on the educational system are more complex and severe now than they have ever been. The educational programs must meet the needs and demands of the future for our present students utilizing the best teaching resources available. Setting priorities for spending available resources should include input from students, teachers, administrators; parents and taxpayers. The board will make the decisión. I would welcome the opportunity to work with all personnel of the school system for the improvement of the educational program." Dr. Votaw is assistant dean for curriculum and professor of anatomy in the U-M Medical School. He has served the school system as a member of the Family Life and Health Education Committee, as chairman of the Election Proposals Committee, as a member and president of the Thurston School P T O , as treasurer and president of the Ann Arbor PTO Council and as a member of the Ad Hoc Finance Committee to study the financial base of the school system. Dr. Votaw, who lives at 2182 Yorktown, has three children in the school system. l