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Wcc Should Fill Need For Center

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The proposition to establish aCareer Education Center to be voted on this coming Tuesday, Jan. 22, should be rejected. This should be the responsibility of Washtenaw Community College. The arguments for this Career Center are the same ones that were used to gain our support for the Community College. Why isn't WCC fulfilling the need? We shpuld hold them responsible. Or is this need being used to cover some ulterior motive? As for location, we have been told that the reason for paying the very high land costs for the WCC site, in lieu of less costly sites, was in order to have a central location. Therefore, the Career Center should be located at WCC both to save new land costs and to be centrally located. WCC does have programs of this type already established. They could be integrated. Let's get them all together. The Plumbers Union (The News, Jan. 4, 1974) has started a program with WCC and according to the article this is common between many unions and community colleges.