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Why Schools Want Millage

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School administrators see an additional 1.3 milis as a tooi to begin rebuilding the Ann Arbor school district program. ( Related story on page 1 .) The school program has been pruned in the last two years when revenues became tight and has since suffered from the loss of buying power due to inflation. The board's working budget of $29.4 million includes continued support for some programs that were reinstated by the board in January, restoration of oth-; j er programs and addition of some oth-. ers. I Supt. Harry Howard has said the? I school district will begin rebuilding the I program a step at a time rather thari lattempting to reinstate everything at lonce. Items to be added or restored to the I school district's program include: - A summer school program for eleImentary, secondary and special educación students. The summer school would Ibe geared toward remedial help, Howard Isaid. He hopes later the school district I can offer enrichment courses. - Increase the subsidy for student acItivities including athletics, studen. orI ganizations and forensics. -Restore some of the school district's I health program by hiring two additional I nurses. With the addition there will be eight school nurses. Last spring tfje : ( board eliminated six school nurse ' tions to save money. They rehired thrw : back in the f all. '■ - Hire a person to interpret test scores and develop research and design models ; for new programs so they can be evaluated. The school district's research department was disbanded last June as part of budget cuts. - Appoint full-time curriculum coördinators for music, art, science, math, social studies, physical education and English to provide continuity in 1 gram. The curriculum position was eliminated by the board under former Supt. R. Bruce McPherson's administration. Teachers have been working part-time to fill in the gap when the coördinator positions were eliminated. -Hire four additional counselors to develop a uniform attendance policy and i to work with students and parents to ) er absenteeism. -Hire a part-time student photograplier, a board secretary, counselor forj Clague Middle School's new ninth grade and another counselor for Pioneer High to keep the counselor-student ratio within the guidelines of the board's contract with the Ann Arbor Education Association(AAEA). -Hire six new employés in the area of special education to increase services to handicapped students in the regular classroom. With additional staff Howard ■ dopes to have a helping teacher in all I schools on either a full or part-time I sis. - Add two principáis to elimínate I shared principalships at four schools. I Angelí and Bader elementary schools I share a principal as do Clinton and Stone I elementary schools. -Add an ássistant principal at I ston Elementary School which is I ed to have an enrollment of 760 students I next year. -Restore principal conference travel. -Stock the storeroom more 1 iy. Other items ín the budget which werel added by the board in January include: - Hire one additional music teacher I and an art teacher to work .3 time to of-l fer art and music to all kindergarten I classes in the district. -Hire a tutorial consultant to coordi-l na te paid and volunteer tutors. The Board of Education appointed se-l ven persons Wednesday night to head al millage steering committee: Griffithl McDonald, 3906 Penberton Dr.; Gordonl Hines, 1135 Kim St.; Betty McDonald, I 3019 Hilltop Dr.; Eugene Fowler, 15091 Maywood Ave.; June Ferguson, 1500 Gra-j nada Ave.; Lynn Lewis, 2372 Prarie St.;l Mar joire Nichols , 1520 Harding Rd . '