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WendMfRyCStfïe bPtMcá 'sáoá board cendidates to be offered and reject eampaign assistance by Ann Arbor teachers, issued a statement this morning explaining her position. "In reference to last night's article in the Ann Arbor News I was not offered any money by the Ann Arbor Education Association's Political Action Council until five days after Ted Heusél's announcement at the May 22nd school board meeting that two other candidates had already been offered a large sum of money. I immediately rejected the offer. My reaction was one of disbelief that the Political Action Council would repeat what I consider to be a great mistake. No candidate can afford to put himself in I a position of conflict of interest. I do not feel that a teachers' union should help fiInance the campaign of] a candidate for a lboard with which they are involved in gtjmffctáiEfótíations. Individual I ers I have since spoken to share my 1 cern. I would hope that the Politican I Council would reconsider any attempts I in the future to compromise a school I board candidate." Candidates Tanya Israel and Willie J. I Simpson were first offered $750 each for I campaign expenses by the Political 1 tion Council. The candidates returned I thefunds after the gift offer was made I public by Trustee Heusel at the May 221 school board meeting. A second campaign offer of services! and materials was approved by the I Political Action Council May 24. The 1 per limits on the value of services and.l materials offered was $500 for Mrs. 1 rael and Simpson and $300 for Mrs. I Barhydt, who was offered financial sup-l port for the first time by the teachers 1 after the May 24 meeting. j